"There is No Plan B." ~ Spencer Bell

At this time Draper Therapies will be offering blankets and bracelets for sale on their website. These items will be available as to continue to outreach of the partnership with the University of Michigan and the Spencer Bell Memorial Fund, allowing for ongoing success in helping to support adrenal cancer research. Any money from the sales that is not put back  into their program, will be donated directly to the Spencer Bell Memorial Fund. By offering products for sale, it provides a tangible item to show your pride and stance for continuing research, or receiving a gift that allows you to share this cause with another individual.

DRAPED in Health, Wellness, Life and Love. "There is no Plan B." ~Spencer Bell

The Blankets offered will come in a variety of colors and have the same therapeutic properties as the rest of the Draper Therapies line. These blankets make for a great gift item or to serve as a memento on how real adrenal cancer is;  “There is No Plan B,” so living life to the fullest is a must. We will also be using surplus stock and making them at our Massachusetts facility not only keeping jobs in the U.S. but also helping to reduce waste.

The Bracelets are another way to show your support and serve as a daily reminder of the ongoing fight against adrenal cancer.


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