In our efforts with the Draper Therapies Philanthropy Project, we’re able to raise money through the sale of certain products in our store to benefit the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund. This fund aims to raise awareness for adrenal cancer research, support and provide a training ground for young students interested in a career in medicine or science through sponsorship of summer research fellowships in laboratories associated with the Adrenal Cancer Program at the University of Michigan.

To date, we had made $1,800.00 in donations to the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. As of late last week, we were able to make a sizable donation in the amount of $865.00 whichbrings our grand donation total to to $2,665.00.  We’re so thrilled to have this small part in helping to make a difference!

This money all goes to help further research surrounding adrenal cancer, a rare and typically fatal orphan cancer. Thank you to  customers Janet Thurston, Lenette Graham, Michael Lane, Gerard Jacobson, Edward Rasmussen, Lyn Compoli, Claire Ledig-Jenkins, Kristieann Draper, Phillip Taylor, Susan Levine, Linda Barr, Janet LeBlanc, George Boucher, Donna Rivet, Denise Belcher, Geraldine Stutte, Robin Donahe, Hologenix and Linda Cramer for their product purchases. It is through providing health and wellness to others and the support of our customers that we’re able to put our words into action beyond the therapeutic products we’re offering. So hats off to everyone for the support and willingness to stand behind us and go the next step!