It gives us great pleasure to be continually posting the success of our Draper Philanthropy Project. Specifically our goal is to raise awareness for adrenal cancer, a rare and typically fatal orphan cancer, and to help further research through regular donations via the sale of certain products. The University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center is leading the way when it comes researching and making further advancements surrounding this cancer. It’s exactly the reason why we’re so lucky to have partnered up with them.

This month we’re able to report that a check to the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund in the amount of of $825.00 helped bring our customer contribution to the program to a grand total of $2,625.00.   Thank you to  customers Alweinna Sours, Denise Belcher, Kristin Sandborn, William Hale, Joanne Ziolkowski, Erika Wirt, Jane O’Meara, Maryann Belcher, John Shoemaker, Darrell Horsley, Tiffany Brandenburg, Donald Cahill and Barbara Allegretta for their product purchases via Draper Therapies. It is through providing health and wellness to others that we’re able to join forces with a larger force to go above and beyond. Thank you!!!