The Draper Philanthropy Project is out there promoting adrenal cancer research with the sale of our Draped in Health Blankets and silicone cause bracelets. It’s important for us to give back where we can and we never imagined that in just two short months, after the launch of our new blanket colors (left),  we were able to bring in $780 (that’s $40 of every blanket sold) to raise our total donations to $3,391.12 since this all began.

The money raised goes directly to the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center to help further research surrounding adrenal cancer, a rare and typically fatal orphan cancer. Thank you to  customers and friends,  Denise Belcher, Mary Ann Belcher, Margaret Edwards, Linda Caddel, Tiffany Brandenburg, Christan LoCascio, Stacie Tuggle and Hologenix, LLC. It is through providing health and wellness to others and the support of our customers that we’re able to put our words into action beyond the therapeutic products we’re offering. So hats off to everyone for the support and willingness to stand behind us and go the next step!