In our country, we operate as a democracy and with that comes the opportunity to speak up and be heard. Well how about when it comes to cancer which affects every one of our lives either directly or indirectly? Want to be heard? Want to make a difference? Well then read below about what is currently going on in the government and let your voice be heard!

The letters below are from special assistant to Senator John Kerry and Mr. Rick Ally. If you agree with what is being said and want to help the appropriate legislation move forward, then feel free to call and write in to your state’s representatives and  endorse the Senate Resolution on Cancer.



November 15, 2011

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to ask for your co-sponsorship of a resolution recognizing the 40th anniversary of the National Cancer Act of 1971 and the more than 12 million cancer survivors alive today because of our nation’s commitment to cancer research. The research breakthroughs which have transformed the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer represent a significant return on investment that can be measured in lives saved, a better quality of life for cancer survivors, and an enormous economic benefit to our country and world.

By passing the National Cancer Act, Congress committed “to strengthen the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health in order more effectively to carry out the national effort against cancer.” Today, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and its parent agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), fund critical research across the country. From scientists performing basic research in the lab to physicians undertaking clinical research with patients, NCI and NIH support universities, medical schools, teaching hospitals, small businesses, and research institutions in every state. This national commitment to research has saved millions of lives and billions of dollars. It is estimated that every one percent decline in cancer mortality saves the U.S. economy $500 billion annually.

A key finding of the National Cancer Act maintains that “new scientific leads, if comprehensively and energetically exploited, may significantly advance the time when more adequate preventive and therapeutic capabilities are available to cope with cancer.” History has proven this finding correct. But, much work remains. More than 1.5 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year and NIH estimated the overall cost of cancer in 2010 to be greater than $260 billion.

Since the National Cancer Act became law in 1971, the 5-year survival rate for all cancers combined has risen consistently and is now at 68 percent for adults and 80 percent for children and adolescents, up from 50 percent and 52 percent, respectively, in 1971. It is a direct result of the nation’s commitment to cancer research that we have come to understand more about the nature of cancer, its complexity, and the tools we need to fight this disease effectively. We must build upon these successes by focusing on early detection, innovative technologies, and promising scientific breakthroughs in patient treatment, such as personalized medicine.We ask that you join us in reaffirming our commitment to advancing cancer research by cosponsoring our resolution. To co-sponsor, please contact Erin Richardson in Senator Brown’s office at or Brian Perkins in Senator Moran’s office at or Rick Ally in Senator Kerry’s office at

Best regards,


Sherrod Brown

Jerry Moran

John Kerry



Dear Friends:

In a perfect world, I can add your names of those endorsing the resolution. Is this OK? For the record, I want to include outside organizations and physicians/researchers. By the way, thanks to Dr. Hammer, I was able to insert uncommon cancer language (page 4/paragraph 2) into the resolution which is a monumental victory.

If you are willing to endorse this resolution, please respond by saying yes and tell me how you wish your name/title to appear. Also, please post the resolution to any website you can and encourage people to call their Senators and ask them to become co-sponsors. The U.S. Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121. All callers have to do is call the switchboard and ask to be transferred. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Rick Ally
Special Assistant
Senator John F. Kerry
Phone: (202) 224-6539


BTW If you noticed, Dr. Gary Hammer who is fighting the battle both in patients and in research against adrenal cancer made a lot of this happen. It’s an amazing step forward!