IWearYourShirt.com (IWYS) is a social media marketing company that promotes organizations of all sizes through social media and daily t-shirt wearing. Each day the team of five shirt wearers–Angela, Amber, Neal, DeAndre and Jason–create content online for a different company and share it with a highly engaged community.
On December 3 (this Saturday) the IWYS team will honor the memory of Spencer Bell by promoting the Spencer Bell Legacy Project on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and five live shows on Ustream. Together, joined with the members surrounding the SBLP, we can all help the IWYS team and their community raise awareness for adrenal cancer and share the memory of Spencer and his music. Please feel free to repost and share the status updates and YouTube videos that the IWYS team posts throughout the day. You can also join the live shows from 2-5pm EST at http://ustream.tv/iwearyourshirt and participate in the chat to share you memories of Spencer or how you came to know him. You can get a username on Ustream by signing up for free at: http://ustream.tv/signup.

Here is the entire schedule for the day below:
-By 8am we’ll have a blog post up about SBLP on the IWYS homepage: http://iwearyourshirt.com
-By 5pm we’ll have the shirt wearer’s videos posted on http://youtube.com/iwearyourshirt.com
-Live video will take place between 2-5pm EST at http://ustream.tv/iwearyourshirt
2-2:30 Neal
2:30-3 Amber
3-4 Jason
4-4:30 DeAndre
4:30-5 Angela

We are wishing the Spencer Bell Legacy Project all the luck with helping to form new relationships, to help remember the legacy Spencer Bell left us, to learn more about adrenal cancer and to generally have a good time!