Draper had a treat in store for each auditor at the New England Dressage Association’s (NEDA) Fall Symposium this past weekend. Not only did we continue our support for the largest single chapter American Dressage Organization, but expanded our offerings to each auditor to include cancer awareness.

“Draper had a booth at the NEDA Fall Symposium, which was an amazing event all by itself which featured world renowned dressage rider and trainer Kyra Kyrkland.  We had a great time sharing a wealth of information about health and wellness too,” said Kat. In addition to information given out, each auditor received a “Draped in Health” philanthropy bracelet from us. Anyone who showed their support for adrenal cancer via the bracelet was given a chance to take part in a raffle for Draper products. Phoebe Porter was one of the lucky NEDA attendees who won the raffle and took home Draper products.  Phoebe is pictured below wearing her Draped in Draper bracelet 🙂


Phoebe Porter and Kat Wojtylak at the NEDA Fall Symposium during their Draped in Draper outreach

Throughout the weekend, Draper also donated money to Draper’s Philanthropy Project, the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund that raises money for adrenal cancer research on NEDA’s behalf. For each person that came to the Draper booth wearing the Draped in Health bracelet, Draper donated a dollar on their behalf. “We wanted to bring more awareness to this type of cancer and get people talking about how real these things can be. Whether it’s affecting our families or us directly, the research can definitely help us further the movement to find a cure for these awful diseases,” Wojtylak said, adding that the Draped In Health bracelets are sold on the Draper website for $1 and all of the proceeds from the bracelet go to the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund. A total $150 donation was made at the end of the weekend for NEDA’s support.

So thank you NEDA members and all the auditors that took part in the outreach we chose implement over the weekend!