This weekend marks the annual Spencer Bell Legacy Weekend Celebration taking place in Auburn Hills, MI.  Artists and supporters will be gathering together to spread the word of Spencer’s music and art, which also helps to raise funding for adrenal cancer research (which is what we’re doing). Bringing his music to other people means a lot to everyone involved and is something everyone believes will ultimately bring a larger following together, to celebrate life, art and love.

Artists will include Yet Cut Breath, Drew and the Medicinal Pen, Shawn Fernando, The Stevedores,  Mechanical People, Toy Bombs, The Kissing Club, and Evro. Our friend and the guy heading all the research at the University of Michigan in adrenal cancer, Dr. Gary Hammer will be making an appearance and giving updates as to where everyone’s donations have been making a difference. The show and main event for the weekend will be streamed live from Callahan’s Music Hall starting at 4:00pm EST on October 22nd via this link: There will be a screening of the movie “Girlfriend”, a costume contest, baked goods sale and various raffles all whose proceeds will be going to the University of Michigan’s programs.

Donations will also be accepted in Spencer Bell’s name and information can be found at Spencer Bell Memorial on the home page ( or through our direct link on this site, Donate Now.