It was only a few months ago when we made our last donation to the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund when we launched our new website. Our entire company is so proud to announce that the outpouring of our customer’s support has been tremendous since then and we’ve been able to make another donation (and our largest one yet). The blanket shown below is what has become all the rave during this time.

Draped in Health Blanket with 50% of sales benefitting the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund

Our donation total was $1,130.00 at last count, but as of today, our donation of $670.00 brought our total to $1,800.00.  This money all goes directly to the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center to help further research surrounding adrenal cancer, a rare and typically fatal orphan cancer. Thank you to  customers Shayne Gray, Louise Miller, Trenton Horinek, Regina Hartley, Pat Smeby, Fred Mirell, Kurt Hopke, Mark De La O, Tammie Donnelly, 15-Minute Miracle and Holly Kious  for their blanket purchases. It is through providing health and wellness to others and the support of our customers that we’re able to put our words into action beyond the therapeutic products we’re offering. So hats off to everyone for the support and willingness to stand behind us and go the next step!