This morning I was going through all the publications we happen to get sent each month and I came across an article called Amazing Race in this month’s Cesar’s Way Magazine. Cesar Millan the extremely well known and sought after Dog Whisperer, practices achieving balance between people and dogs, with Cesar’s Way Magazine extending that bond even further.
The article Amazing Race focused on the half marathon being run in Howard County, Maryland to benefit the University of Maryland’s Greenebaum Cancer Center which occurred this past May. The University of Maryland is where I actually had my own cancer treatment and surgeries, so it holds a special place just seeing it mentioned anywhere in the media (to read more about my story visit The story goes on to explain that during the race, upon the 2,000 runners reaching the five mile mark, Dozer, a three-year-old Golden Doodle caught sight of the runners and broke through his invisible fence to complete the remainder of the race with the runners, stopping occasionally at water stations. His finish warranted him his own medal and a page on the fundraising site- Dozer has now generated quite the following and is helping to further raise money for the University of Maryland’s Greenebaum Cancer Center. What a great thing to find first thing in the morning!