On June 29th  in fabulous London, England, artists and supporters will be gathering together for the Friends of Spencer Bell Legacy Show being put on by Spencer Bell Legacy Europe. This is the first time something like this will be taking place in Europe and will help to spread the word of Spencer’s music and art, helping to raise funding as well. Bringing his music to other people means a lot to everyone involved and is something fans believe will ultimately bring people together to celebrate life, art and love.

Artists will include Yet Cut Breath and Lea Roy Haworth with guest appearances from fans of Spencer Bell who hold their own musical talent. Doors are set to open at 7:30pm and the show is open to fans 18 years and older. The Workshop (http://www.theworkshophoxton.com/)’s closest Tube Station is on Old Street and the Closest Hotel is the Holiday Inn Express located directly across from the venue. Any inquiries relating to the show can be directed to Angie of SBM Europe at angie@spencerbellmemorial.eu.

Donations will also be accepted in Spencer Bell’s name and information can be found at Spencer Bell Memorial Europe on their home page (http://www.spencerbellmemorial.eu).

Friends of Spencer Bell Legacy