Kat Wojtylak and Laura Munson posing during the FTI Wellington Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL during Laura' Meet and Greet Event. (Photo Credit: Laura Munson)

When it comes down to it, you’re rarely ever able to know when someone important will walk into your life, and sometimes it’s through the most random chance encounters. Ties surrounding the Draper Philanthropy Project  brought me into the path of Dr. Gary Hammer who is the head of the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center Endocrine Oncology Program. His enthusiasm for opportunities  and strengthening relationships lead me to eventually
meeting Laura Munson, a NY Times Best Selling Author of “This is Not the Story You Think It Is, A Season of Unlikely Happiness,” whose sister-in-law died of adrenal cancer and had participated in Dr. Hammer’s clinical trial.  Laura and I made an instant connection in our shared love for horses and our commitment to creating happiness in our lives…forging yet another bond in an ever growing adventure of self responsibility.

I was invited as a guest blogger on “These Here Hills,” which gave me a chance to tell a few more people about what it’s like to be faced with cancer, but the strides any of us can make in our daily lives. Please take an opportunity to read the post and tell us what you think or share your own stories!

NOT a Cancer Victim

Health and Love,