I happened to be completely inspired by the people around me and it was through certain events that happened over the course of the past week that allowed me to step back and truly embrace what this season is about; and do it before getting lost in stress and shopping extravaganzas that normally we all seem to succumb to.

One of my first discussions of the season took place with my boyfriend which led into focusing on why these upcoming holidays are actually being celebrated. Regardless of what your religious beliefs are, it’s a time for giving and a time to be thankful for all those wonderful things you have in your life, including, but of course not limited to your friends and family. Taking time aside to discuss these things can lead to focusing on the spirit of the season from the get-go, but also can lead to fantastic bonding experiences.

Another instance happened with my housemate and the eventual discussion of gifts, instead of focusing on material items, she said she would rather see the money on would-be-gifts go to charity. This single act of generosity was something that really moved me and reminded me to really look at this season as a whole and what we can each do to help; even the tiniest acts of gratitude go a long way.

And if that wasn’t enough, I had one of our local customers call me and ask for a fabric donation for her daughter on behalf of Draper Knitting Company. “Knot Cold,” a local project being lead by this amazing ten-year old, is a way of making knotted blankets for House of Hope in Lowell, MA. The pure excitement she showed for receiving fabric to get her started was something that very well could have sent me into tears. Seeing a child take initiative with selfless determination was an absolutely beautiful thing, with a reminder that joy and happiness can come in all forms, even the most unexpected.

Regardless of how hectic this season or life can be in general, we all have a chance to make a difference and that in itself is something to be truly grateful for, that we even have the chance for such opportunities. Every day, and not just during the holiday season, we come into contact with individuals who can inspire us and it’s important to open our eyes and hearts to all that is out there. If we all take that step by using the holidays to move us, then we can really make a difference.

Health and Love this Season,

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