Dr. Gary Hammer, world renowned adrenal cancer specialist at the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center has been gracious enough to really help get our Draper Philanthropy Project up and running as many of you know. A few days ago we were blessed to see a letter that he had wrote for a AnnArbor.com’s section, The Roller Coaster Chronicle- An open letter to cancer patients everywhere. Being a cancer patient, I found myself in tears after reading this, not due to sadness but due to the awe inspiring fact that wonderful, motivated, caring, loving and selfless people are able to touch our lives everyday. Dr. Hammer’s letter is something that should absolutely be shared by everyone as it’s a simple reminder of life’s frailty, but of the inspiration that can come from a person even in the darkest of times. Please take a moment to read this and appreciate each of the key points he touches on, it’s possible that you too may find yourself blessed by even the most simple of truths.

The Roller Coaster Chronicles- An open ended letter to cancer patients everywhere

Health and Love,