Next week marks an exciting endeavor that Kat from Draper Therapies will be attending. On August 28th  in Auburn Hills, MI, artists and supporters will be gathering together for the Spencer Bell Legacy Celebration Show. This semi-annual event gathers  in order to spread the word of Spencer’s music and art, which also helps to raise funding as well. Bringing his music to other people means a lot to everyone involved and is something everyone believes will ultimately bring people together to celebrate life, art and love.

Artists will include The Stevedores, Tin Tin Can, Drew and the Medicinal Pen, The Kissing Club, 100 Monkeys and Evro. The shows are scheduled to take place at 2pm and 8pm at Callahan’s Music Hall, which ended up selling out within 36 hours of the ticket sales being announced. At least one of the concerts will be streamed live during the event for all those interested in watching the celebration of Spencer’s life and outreach who cannot be in attendance.

In addition to the concert and livestream, a number of other activities are available for people to get involved and help this cause. One of which is for a raffle in which anyone can take place in (outside sales will be only taking place till August 20th though). Suzanne Detweiler will be accepting emails relating to ticket sales at, and costs involved are $2/ticket or $5/3 tickets. Raffle Prizes will include: an autographed show banner designed by Steve Allen from all the bands in attendance, a signed copy of Phoenix Taylor’s “No Sleep” photo book, a Draped in Health Blanket by Draper Therapies, lyrics posters signed by 100 Monkeys, a unique tie-dye My Little Pony, an original art-design hat featuring Drew and the Medicinal Pen by Nykole, five high-quality, signed photos of the 100 Monkeys, and fun saver cameras which we will be turned loose in the hands of the bands during load in. Donations will also be accepted in Spencer Bell’s name and information can be found at Spencer Bell Memorial on the home page (